A Little About Us

Randy and Carolyn are living in Lilongwe, Malawi for seven months.  Randy is working for his US hospital, Cincinnati Children’s, exploring the pediatric unit of Kamuza Central Hospital as a possible global health site to partner with.  Cincinnati Children’s is trying out the idea of sending their third/fourth year US pediatric residents for one month electives to KCH along with a senior physician (perhaps on a rotating basis) to learn, teach and share knowledge within the pediatric ward as it is also a site for Malawian interns in training.  For now Randy is the senior physician who is orienting, teaching, supervising  the residents but also actively engaged in patient care.  Since the residents who come already have several years of experience in their training they are also able to be directly involved in patient care as well as engage in learning and teaching interns, clinical officers and nurses.

Carolyn will be supporting Randy and volunteering where options open up either with teaching English as a second language, mentoring teachers and/or Bible storytelling.  Or in some other capacity not yet known or thought of.

We’d love to hear from any of our family and friends.  Our emails are the same or contact us by leaving a comment on the blog.

3 Responses to A Little About Us

  1. Hi Randy and Carolyn! Just found and read through your blog! It is very interesting and informative.
    We are praying for you. I know the Lord’s hand Is upon you! What an awesome and challenging experience.
    Our love and prayers,
    Ron and Geraldine

  2. What an awesome experience! May the Lord Bless you abundantly and shine His light upon you!
    Our love and prayers to you,
    Ron & Geraldine
    (just found and read through your blog!)
    What a blessing and a challenge… but I know our Lord will daily give you both what you need!

  3. Barb says:

    Hi Carolyn – so glad I finally looked at your blog! Your faithfulness and service to the Lord is an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for your kind words at my retirement. When fall comes around I will know more fully what that means – already I am noticing a lack of stress at the anticipation of the coming school year. Raymond is embarking on a new ministry (which means I am as well), He’s working with a ministry that works with churches, schools and businesses to build walls for Habitat. Last week we worked with a high school week of camp – 30 students built the walls for a 3 bedroom house in 3 days. What a super experience. They didn’t think it was possible to do – when they helped load the walls on a truck emotions were high. Prayers for you in your ministry there. I look forward to reading about your experiences.

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