Thanksgiving Burundi Style


Since Thanksgiving is a very American holiday it does not exist as a holiday in Burundi.  But the past six years our sister team at Kibuye has celebrated it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  We are very happy to be invited each year, along with many other friends and the Burundian doctors from the Kibuye Hope Hospital.  While it’s a bit different than the U.S. holiday there are many similar elements–food, feasting, families, friends, thanks, inclusion, diversity and fun.  Do you know that old Thanksgiving folk song “Over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house we go?”? So here’s a Burundi version.



Over the rough roads and up the hills

To Kibuye Hope we go

Aloys knows the way to stir thru the fray

Of obstacles high and low.




Over the rough roads and up the hills

Oh, how all life does flow

It fills the streets with those it meets

As on their way they go.

Over the rough roads and up the hills                IMG_20191129_085937253         

Past tea fields as we drive

We’ll share a cup to warm us up


When Kibuye at last we arrive.


 Over the rough roads and up the hills

See the goods on market day

No need to stop for all have brought

The foods for our feasting day.


Over the rough roads and up the hills                IMG_20191130_172208601

See how the children play

And look who’s here the new interns dear

All giving thanks today.


Over the rough roads and up the hills

We’re all gathered here

To share the feast and bounteous peace

Of friends from far and near.


What a great blessing to be apart of this community and celebrate our thanks to God together.  We are very thankful for all of them and for all of you who make it possible for us to be here.

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1 Response to Thanksgiving Burundi Style

  1. Jessica Cropsey says:

    Well written, Carolyn!

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