New Avenues–Part 2

thumb_IMG_20160426_104524233_HDR_1024Just as my time has been affected these past months in that I am not teaching at HAU this semester, due to lower students numbers and needs, so too have many others been affected. These two dear sisters from our church are presently not working either. One is an architect, the other a project manager for community development programs. But that has given us a new opportunity to meet to help each other improve in English/French language use.


When Elina went back to visit her family in Moscow she visited a church that was studying Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life. She returned and suggested we study it also. So twice a week we meet at my house-chez Bond. They prepare the lesson in English and I prepare it in French. We take turns giving a synopsis of the chapter and discussing the question at the chapter’s end in the language each one is working to improve. I have to say their English is far better than my French and they both have improved tremendously, but what a joy to meet together!   It has been such a pleasure to get to know them better and to share our life experiences which are very different in the details of place, time and culture but very similar in the spiritual truths and growth we’ve learned in our faith walks.

These new avenues are “the springs in the desert” as we walk through this protracted time of uncertainty and diminished options for work. Inasmuch as both of these ladies need to be working, we are all very thankful for the opportunity to use this unexpected “free” time to improving our language understanding and more importantly, to become friends.

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