Graduation at Hope Africa University


On Friday, February 12, more than 1200 students graduated from HAU.  Postponed from last December, the day went off with much fanfare and celebration.  There were graduates,






and more graduates.  All sporting their departmental colors for business, liberal arts, theology, social work, nursing, medicine–along with many others.  These are some of the eleven graduates for the medical school in their green collars.  They are part of the third class of medical students to graduate from the seven year medical program.


For George as “Chef de Pedagogue”  it meant signing each of those degrees!


For the four of us who were present, professors in medicine, English and business, it meant donning the robes and participating in the ceremony.  A great honor for us!


Smiling faces and well-earned pride were the order of the day.  The end of a long road of classes, training, tuition and stages.  A day to commemorate as one journey ends and a new one begins; from student to practitioner, from potential to actualization.  All caught on photos, a moment in time to acknowledge, celebrate and give thanks for.



Most ceremonies are opened with the traditional drummers, this day was no exception.  They both opened and closed the ceremony and added their praise throughout the proceedings.


The challenge for these new grads will be finding jobs, putting their new skills and education to use, particularly as the economics of Burundi are very difficult just now and the political climate continues to be tense.  But for this day it was celebration with family, friends and loved ones.  A joyful day to be a part of and witness the fulfillment of many prayers, hopes, sacrifices and much hard work.  Congratulations graduates of HAU!!! May you change and impact the world for good with your education as you are the hope for the future.

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  1. Congratulations to all… that is a big day for everyone!

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