Recent Highlights

Lake Tanganyika looking across to Congo at sunset

Lake Tanganyika looking across to Congo at sunset

Due to living in an unsettled situation in which we’ve experienced things we knew were possible but certainly not very probable (i.e. political protests, an attempted coup d’état, sporadic gunfire and grenades becoming less unusual) we take great joy in the following recent events and the gift of each day.

Mobile eye clinic arrives at our gate.

Mobile eye clinic arrives at our gate.

John with his eye clinic team.

John with his eye clinic team.


First, in early October John Cropsey (from our Serge sister team) took a group from his eye clinic at Kibuye across the border to D.R.Congo for a week of eye surgeries and ophthalmology care. It was our pleasure to host them the first night of their trip allowing them to arrive refreshed the next day in D.R.C.. Their joy, camaraderie and enthusiasm were quite delightful. They were able to do 63 sight restorations and many eye exams during their week!


Gad and Caitlin's wedding.

Gad and Caitlin’s wedding.



Next, we attended a wedding between one of the graduated medical students of 2014 and the granddaughter of missionary friends. Gad and Caitlin have grown up knowing one another due to their families long time friendship and shared ministry. It was another testimony to how the Spirit and love are not bound by culture.  We were happy to be witnesses to this new marriage.

Caitlin's grandparents and our friends, Barb and Wayne.

Caitlin’s grandparents and our friends, Barb and Wayne.








Happy Birthday, Randy!!! Doesn't he look relaxed?

Happy Birthday, Randy!!!
Doesn’t he look relaxed?

Fortunately, there was a mid-semester break right on Randy’s birthday weekend so we were able to get away to a small lakeside resort south of Bujumbura for two night. This was just what the doctor needed—some downtime, no students, no work, no problems, just time to read, sleep and talk. Our teammates, the Watts, joined us for one night, giving us more time to get to know each other and build our team.

One of my English classes.

One of my English classes.

Each day we are able to meet with students, either in the classroom or for Randy on rounds in the clinic, it is an event for thanksgiving. My classes are in the morning so there’s been no problems meeting. But George teaches in the late afternoon because his students are graduates who work and then come to evening classes. He’s had to cancel classes a number of times due to gunfire being heard in the area close to the campus. Fortunately, he’s been able to move his class to meet at another location, more secure and much quieter.

George's new place to meet for class.

George’s new place to meet for class.

One last highlight that has really tickled me is the growth of the herbs planted in the new brick planter. Both the Thai basil and the common basil have shot up along with some cilantro, parsley and zinnias. I’ve made pesto, Thai basil coconut curry and froze some basil as well. There are also some “volunteer” seeds such as tomato, eggplant, cucumber and papaya coming up, as we mixed some soil from the compost pile into the planter. As the rains have begun, the plants seem to have just the right amount of sun and rain for plentiful growth. They have become a testimony to me to remember that “He makes all things beautiful in its time” (Ecc. 3:11). It’s a needed reminder that calls me to wait, trust and rest in God’s faithfulness and goodness.

Herbs and flowers growing.

Herbs and flowers growing.

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  1. Nelly says:

    really impressed buy the growth of the herbs! glad also for you to be able to have some time to enjoy! happy belated BD Randy!

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