Color Our World

It’s hard to match the beauty of our outdoor surroundings here in the French Alps.  We are thankful every day, continually reminded of the majesty of God in the grandeur we see!


Albertville and the Alps around it.

Likewise, we are thankful for the apartment we could just step into on arrival, fully furnished and adequate.  Any little problem (like the leaky faucet) has been quickly attended to by the school’s handyman.  So we have been thankful for this too.  

But the question has been how to add some color or beauty to the beige-on-beige decor of our humble abode?  After two months it was beginning to make us feel pretty dower (or maybe it was the daily grind of study, study, study).  Living in a place temporarily we really didn’t want to spend money.  Fortunately, within an hour’s drive of Albertville we heard there was a cost effective solution that we were able to utilize.  While we rented a car for one week during our school break we made a trip to the big blue box.


Much to our joy we were able to find some colorful pillows, fabric and table linens that we could inexpensively add to our home.  Success!   Almost.


Randy with our bag of colors and our rented “toy car”.

Next we had to figure out how to replace the broken hooks in the mounted curtain rod in our apartment.  Randy was able to get it down from the ceiling so we could get the broken hooks out.  Then we had to find replace hooks.  That sounds much easier than it really was to actually find the correct hooks.  Do you know how many different sized curtain hooks there are?  (I will spare you that blog story!)  All that is to say that we now have color, aesthetics and beauty both inside and outside our apartment.


Curtain closed.

And the curtain rod actually works so we can pull the curtain open by the cord and we don’t have to shut the shutters every night (which was what we were doing before since there was no curtain and an apartment building directly across from us).  


Curtain open.

With the arrival of spring this past week we have definitely noticed the warming of the temperatures and longer hours of light.   We are glad to be able to open our curtains to let  the light, warmth and the grandeur of the Alps in.  We are also refreshed by the colors that are now flooding our living space, so full of brightness and joy.  Another thing to be thankful for!

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3 Responses to Color Our World

  1. Nelly says:

    i love colors!

  2. marianinfrance says:

    Great choice. But you forgot to show us the “before”… or did I miss that??

  3. Liz Meiners says:

    Since we have rented all our married lives it is always a trick to make someoneelse’s home our own. so glad you have found some solutions. We do love that big blue box with yellow writing. There’s one not too far from us! Love to you both…..

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