Hooray for School Field Trips!

Do you remember as a child getting a day off from class to go on a field trip?  Adult students need field trips too.  At least that is what our school here in Albertville subscribes to.  So this past Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th we had a school field trip to go up to the mountains for some winter fun.


Classes were suspended for the day so the whole school could go, including the teachers.  Two tour buses were hired because there are over thirty adult students and about forty children at our french school (the children attend french public school and a nursery at our school site).  Skis, boots and poles were rented or borrowed, sleds and snow gear was gathered, then we all assembled in the parking lot of the school to take our day of mountain activities at the local ski area just forty-five minutes drive from Albertville.  This is a picture of the glacial carved valley where Albertville sits from the top of the ski area, Les Sassies. 


Once we arrived at the parking lot there was lots of organizing, finding the right skis, getting on those monstrous boots–some were ready quicker than others.  



We were blessed with a great day of fair weather and fresh snow.  From the top of one of the lifts you could see the magnificent Mount Blanc in the background.  It is said to be the tallest mountain in Europe.  Usually it is cloud covered but at the beginning of our day it was in full view.  This will have to be noted as one of the most outstanding Valentine’s Day dates for us

ImageIt was great to be outdoors, exercising more than our brains.  Our days seem to consist of class, study, class, study with a few meals thrown in and a social time or two once a week.  Those who are more advanced were still speaking french much of the day, either with one another or with the teachers.   Pour moi–I concentrated on skiing, enjoying the day and not falling down.   Randy tried to talk to a young girl from Belgium that we shared a lift with.  He did pretty well but she did say she couldn’t understand his question once or twice.  I give him lots of credit for trying!


It was a toss-up as to who enjoyed the day off school more–the teachers, the children or the adult students.  One thing was certain, everyone had a very enjoyable time.   Everyone was safe; there were no mishaps or accidents.  We were thankful for the day of respite and the shared experience with our fellow students.  They are an incredible group of people, so dedicated to learning french and working hard each day.  It was refreshing to partake of this experience together and enjoy the Lord’s bounty, beauty and wonder together from atop of the world.


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3 Responses to Hooray for School Field Trips!

  1. Liz Meiners says:

    What fun! I do hope we can get together sometime while you are in France. Please come see us if ever you have the chance and need a weekend away. We pray for you weekly and always excited to hear how things are going! Love to you both…

  2. Loved sharing your snow trip. I enjoy your blog. I look forward to your pictures and personal “french” insight!

  3. Nelly says:

    beau pays que celui de la France, je le savais déjà maintenant nous en avons la preuve.

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