Here’s a picture of dependency that visually describes a lot of how we are learning to live.

This picture was on the wall of the bedroom we slept in at my stepmom’s house.  It captured so well how we are experiencing life in this very precarious time we find ourselves in.  Randy describes it as a farmer who goes out to water his crops one day, doing his part to be a faithful farmer, when all the while God knows it will rain tomorrow.  While the farmer’s work was well-meant it was always in the Lord’s hands as to its fruitfulness.   We find ourselves in that kind of dependency.  Focused, working hard to share the vision God’s put on our hearts with others, when all the while He is just happy to have us with Him, carrying about the things He loves, while He is in control.

We are grateful, continually amazed and blessed by the way God has been caring for us through so many good friends and family.  Recently we spend six days in northern California with my sweet step-mom of 92 years.  She is so amazing and fabulous!  This also coincided with our visit to the French Consulate to get our long-stay visas (which was favorable now we just await the return of passports with the official visas).

Then it was onto southern California for Thanksgiving with Randy’s parents and then a brief visit by Linnea, Ian and Jenny to see their grandparents who don’t travel anymore.  Again we found ourselves there for the annual “Turkey Bowl” gathering (the alternative to Black Friday) of golf, games, puzzles and good food with long-time friends we always enjoy being with and who are incredible inclusive whenever we arrive on the scene.

Next it’s Florida.  Followed by a brief touch down in Cincinnati on our way to Ann Arbor.  Then returning to Cincinnati for most of the advent season.  We are really glad the Lord is rowing this boat, taking the oars whenever our arms get tired!

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2 Responses to Dependency

  1. Nelly says:

    I really enjoyed the post, great to be able to follow you, yes keep rowing, God will bring a miraculous catch! with much prayers and love,

  2. Liz Meiners says:

    So good to read this! We keep praying each week for you. Glad things are moving ahead to move to France. Much love,

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