Extra Bedroom Surfing

When your “50 something” you don’t “couch surf” because usually your friends are better off than when you were “20 something”.  This is the situation we find ourselves in.  As we have voluntarily become homeless,  jobless and pursuant of working in Burundi, we have taken to the road to recruit a team and raise support.

Beginning in Seattle we met several long time supporters of Hope Africa University and learned more of the work that has been ongoing in Burundi since before the University and Medical School was formed.  We visited old friends, extended family, new family (as in Ian’s soon to be in-laws) and the wedding site for next summer.  Then we flew back to Cincinnati for one night to pick up our car and began the road trip, heading east to Virginia.

In Charlottesville, our home before Cincinnati, Randy was able to meet with many former colleagues to draw on their expertise of medical education and curriculum development as a possible contacts for when he gets to HAU to teach medicine.  This was very encouraging for him to open these lines of communication for the future.  We also meet with many dear friends, rejoicing to enjoy time and fellowship together again.  Next we headed south to Winston-Salem.

We made it there but now we have added auto-less to our adjectives list.  Our nearly 200,000 mile 1997 car died.   Our gracious hosts not only gave us a bed to sleep in and fed us but also let us use their car.

While we are very excited about the work in Burundi and love telling others about it we are finding it very humbling to continuously be on the receiving end of others hospitality and graciousness.  We are so use to being independent, self-sufficient and able to take care of our own needs that we find dependency quite uncomfortable.  Daily we are struck with how differently God wants His children to live bearing kingdom characteristics of interdependence, love for others and generosity.  “Thank you” to all those who have lived this out and given us a warm welcome and place to stay.  We thank God for you!

Now we have a rented car for the next three weeks, on a one-way route through the southeast then to Chicago.  Our plans seem to change daily as we make more contacts and God puts new people and churches in our path to share the vision for the work in Burundi.  We see beauty and wonder in how He is going before us, in the amazing fall colors and blue sky as we drive, in the loving hearts of His people who care for us and in our first “official” donor!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

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1 Response to Extra Bedroom Surfing

  1. Nelly says:

    I’m praying that you’ll enjoy the road, and that God wil provide in His time! I’m also praying also for Him to prepare the way in Burundi, when you’ll come to Marseille, I’ll introduce you to Christine my friend from Burundi!

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