Farewell, Dr. Bond from KCH

Hard to believe our seven months in Malawi is coming to an end.  The Pediatric Dept. at KCH honored Randy with a send off and thank-you, Malawian style.

This consisted of a gathering of many of the clinical officers, interns, nurses and senior doctors that have recently returned or come to join the dept.  I was also invited along with Sulamani, one of the patients who has been in the hospital from Randy’s first month with a tracheotomy.  


There were several speeches which included giving Randy’s medical achievements, acknowledging his tireless dedication over the past months here and appreciating his expertise, efforts and care.






Then several of the staff contributed their talents in tribute, which included two poems, a traditional dance and song and lots of applause.  Randy was also given an chance to speak and used the opportunity to thank the staff for all he’s learned, for their patience with him and for the improvements they have made working together as a team.  He really was able to build them up with words of encouragement, which I think is incredibly noteworthy after the long months of 10-12 hour days and non-stop patient care.

After the speeches there was Coke, Fanta, samosas and a few scones, lots of well-wishes, thanks and gratitude exchanged among all there.

It was really nice for the Pediatric Dept. to honor Randy this way.  It was evident how much they appreciated all he’s done and given these past months and how sad they were to see him leaving.  They are glad CCHMC will be sending other physicians but would love to have him stay.

Randy has also felt appreciative of the staff and wanted to show them his thanks in a special way.  He wanted to have a party for them, so that’s what we did.  That story will be the next blog!


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2 Responses to Farewell, Dr. Bond from KCH

  1. Nelly says:

    am eagerly waiting for the next post! just got back today from the US, even if I had a wonderful time! I am so glad to be home! where is home for you right now???

    lots of love, nelly

  2. Liz Meiners says:

    Hard to believe the time has come to an end. I too will eagerly await the next post. So glad you made it through and know God will bless because of all your hard work! Love you both, Liz

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