Where in the world are the Bonds? Part 2

London was week one, this city was week two–the Queen City, Cincinnati.

Highlights in the Queen City were:  seeing Ian’s last play of the season, Merchant of Venice;  seeing his fiancé, Jenny’s play which she directed at a neighboring theater (The Mistakes Madeline Made);  seeing Jenny’s dad who flew in for the weekend to see the shows; spending time with Linnea as she had just moved back to Cincinnati; seeing as many special friends over breakfasts, lunches and dinners as we could in a short week, worshipping for two Sundays at our home church, Faith PCA: Randy reporting to Children’s Hospital on what’s been going on in Malawi.

On top of all that we were able to fly to California for a two and a half day visit with Randy’s parents to enjoy some time with them, albeit short.  We were even able to see the ocean and drive along the San Diego coast.  (Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture I was so busy soaking it all in.)

While we saw the inside of a lot of planes, and went in and out of a lot of airports, there was  beauty and wonder everywhere!   First, in that we live in a day and age when it is possible to fly across half the globe in a day or two  (rather than two months to get across the ocean!)   Second, that with 11 different flights, we did it without one late flight, missed plane or lost bit of luggage!  Truly a gift from God!

By far the best part was to visit and spend time with so many of the people we love.  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who greeted us, cared for us, spent time with us, listened, asked about our lives and prayed for us.  We return to Malawi rested and restored, with joy at having had such wonderful times with others.  We also return looking forward to seeing those we have come to know and care for in Malawi.  Funny how that works–now the globe seems a little smaller because our hearts have grown a little larger.

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1 Response to Where in the world are the Bonds? Part 2

  1. kb0182 says:

    We loved loved loved seeing you all! Glad you made it home to Malawi safely! Please give Mom and Dad hugs from me if you see them again:)

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