Where in the world are the Bonds?

This picture should give it away–they don’t have these in Lilongwe.

Yes, we are in London!  Since we left the U.S. in February we knew we would be coming to London for the European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT) annual meeting.  Randy has been attending these meetings for over a decade (as well as the American equivalent, for which he also served as president).  Often he’s presented a lecture or poster or been a part of a panel.  This year he was honored by his European colleagues  to receive the “Louis Roche Award”, given to those who have made a career impact on the field of toxicology.  It was a huge honor for him, for which he was surprised, pleased and humbled.  The recipient gives a opening lecture of their choice, so Randy spoke on the impact of pediatric medication errors in the developing world, something he has become very aware of in the last four months.  Of course I went to hear him speak, and although I am bias, I  think he was articulate and spoke with passion about something that has received little recognition but has a huge impact on children’s lives and was well received.

The conferences are always held in nice hotels that can accommodate the large number of attendees.  What we weren’t expecting was the beautiful suite on the 8th floor overlooking Hyde Park.  Truly a room with a view!

We always enjoy coming to these European meetings not just because we get to visit great cities in Europe but we also get to see people we have come to know and enjoy from many different countries.  This time we were also able to see long time missionary friends who live in London for the first few days before the conference began.  That was extra special as we were first in Africa with their family back in ’85/86.  We were able to get into London Sunday morning in time to go to church with them.  Then we visited Kew Gardens the next day, taking in its beauty along with one of the seasons first sunny days.

While Randy was in meetings all day, I was able to explore London.  Since we have been to London several times and have seen the major sites, I went to those that are a bit off the well-beaten track, such as the Globe Theater, Sherlock Holmes Museum and time in the gardens of St. Jame’s Park and Hyde Park.
 The city was preparing for the Queen’s Jubilee so everything was manicured and beautiful.  

Leaving London we fly to Cincinnati, where we will see our family, friends and catch the last performance of Ian’s play for this season, The Merchant of Venice.  What a blessing to have this respite and time to reconnect!


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6 Responses to Where in the world are the Bonds?

  1. Marilyn Lebhar says:

    Congratulations to Dr. Bond! It was wonderful to see you here in Cincinnati. We will continue our prayers for you in your journey and will look forward to seeing you again.

  2. Jamie Estill says:

    And it was wonderful catching up with the whole clan in Cincinnati!

  3. Sarah Julien Haus says:

    Soaking in your pictures- good for my soul. Congrats to Dr. Bond! 🙂 and so glad you got time with special people- hope it was good for YOUR soul too! Had a great time seeing Linnea in Cincy. -Sarah Julien Haus

  4. My goodness. I wonder if we were in London at the same time? Probably missed by a week or so. We did walk on the same ground… St James Park and Globe Theatre for sure. Hope you have a safe, wonderful stay in Cincy.

  5. Nelly says:

    congratulations Randy and enjoy Cincinnatti, I will be there August 1st for a week… would love to see you…

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