Bond’s B & B in Lilongwe

Little did we know that this past week we were to become the “Bed and Breakfast” of Lilongwe, Chez Bond.  It has been a great delight for us!  We have hosted two medical students from Columbus, as they wrapped up a month rotation at a clinic in the north, a pediatric resident from Children’s here for a month, a pediatric fellow from Children’s here for 10 days, a board member from the NGO, Health Frontiers, here for a week and the Burgess’s, missionaries from Blantyre,  here for two nights.

Our table has been full of lively conversation and laughter as well as the”shop” talk that happens whenever you get many people of the same profession together.  It has been interesting to hear other people’s life stories, impressions and experiences.   I have enjoyed having others around to talk with and cook for.

For Randy it has also meant some extra hands and help at the hospital for which he is very grateful, as the other senior doctor leaves for a 10 trip (before we leave for a similar length of time).  Thankfully we have room to sleep four guests at a time, so we only had to use another hotel for two nights.

Perhaps you would like to see some of the accommodations of our establishment in case you can make a visit.   First, there is the sitting room.

The kitchen for the preparation of fine cuisine.










One of the bedrooms.  Of course all the rooms come with mosquito nets.








The “spare bed” for overflow is in the side room off the hallways but it has a privacy curtain.

Guest’s shared bathroom, you just need to remember to turn on the water heater in the kitchen for 30 minutes if you want a hot shower.

This is the master suite with adjoining bathroom but it is presently unavailable as it is occupied by the doctor and his wife!

We would consider it a gift to host any of you who come to Lilongwe, just as it has been wonderful to host those we have here at this time.  As you can see our home is quite comfortable with most modern appliances and conveniences.  While we were having many times when the power, water or internet were out, in the last three weeks each of those systems has been up and running continuously and our street has had many of it’s pot holes filled.  We believe this is due to the new president, Joyce Banda, who took over for the former President in April, he died from a sudden cardia arrest.  She has been working at renegotiating the aid from other donors that had been cut off and she lives at the State House which just happens to be in our neighborhood.  We are grateful for all this and seek to share our good fortune with others.



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2 Responses to Bond’s B & B in Lilongwe

  1. Marian says:

    I enjoyed your virtual tour immensely, Carolyn. Thanks for having us. I remember mosquito nets when I visited Senegal. Do you actually use them? I recall really needing them when we stayed several nights on the coast, but I don’t remember using them otherwise.

  2. Nelly says:

    so glad you had visitors, I have a young couple with a 5 month old baby staying with me this week… it’s been great! thanks for the invitation, I would love to come and who knows??

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