An Avocado Story

When you have an avocado tree in your yard that is in season with fruit as big as two fists put together, what would you do?  Make guacamole, of course!

But if you make guacamole you’re going to need tortilla chips and an enchilada dinner to go with it.   That may sound pretty easy to put together if you live in America (or Mexico), but it’s a whole different story here in Malawi.  Let me explain:

First, you have to locate a store that even has tortilla chips by asking someone whose lived here and knows.  So I did.  Found out there were two places that might have them.

The next day I walked to the nearest of the two shops to get them since gas is not available this week, so anytime you can walk you do.  It wasn’t far and it brought me to a nice shop that has imported specialty items.  Which is another way of saying they cost twice what I’m use to paying for them at Kroger.



Once the chips were secured it was time to amass the other ingredients for the enchiladas.  This proved a bit tricky as well.  I refused to buy flour tortillas and canned chilies at three times the price.   So off I went to the local vegetable market to get fresh chilies, as well as onions and cilantro.







Then back home to make my own tortillas.  I found the perfect pan in the cupboard and thought, “someone else has been down this road before!”

While I was making them the chicken was stewing, which then had to be taken off the bone and cut up.   That was my least favorite part but the dogs loved the scraps.




After a whole afternoon affair of cooking the enchiladas were made and ready to bake.


Now we keep our fingers crossed that the power doesn’t go off when its time to bake them for our dinner guest (another common occurrence we are learning).

Beauty and wonder!  Even with a huge rainstorm, dumping an inch and a half of rain, the power stayed on to cook our enchilada dinner complete with chips and guacamole!

There are six more avocados ripening in the bowl and now I know what it takes to make an enchilada/guacamole dinner.  Of course, I could always try something else with the avocados, which would create a whole other story.  That’s the beauty and wonder of living in a new place, there’s always a story unfolding!

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2 Responses to An Avocado Story

  1. Nelly says:

    I don’t think I ever even made enchilada dinner, but milk shake with avocado is great, that is if you have power, of course…

  2. Beth says:

    And you make killer guac!!! What a great adventure. 🙂 I’m loving your blog, btw!

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