First Impressions

Finally–after days of traveling, weeks of preparation, months of planning and years of prayer–we are in Malawi!

Malawi has been described as “the warm heart of Africa” and so we are finding it to be true.  We were greeted at the airport by Joseph, one of the Malawian’s who works for an NGO that we have had some contact with.  He not only took us to our new home but filled us in on things as we drove.  We were also greeted warmly at our subleased house by the gardener and housekeeper and the two dogs, Rex and Foxy.  When we made our first trip into the local shopping area we also found we were often greeted with smiles and welcome when we said we had just arrived.  People seem to be proud to be Malawians and friendly in their wanting to make you feel welcome.

Through some God orchestrated meetings and connections we have been able to sublease a small 3 bedroom house on about an acre of land.  It comes with four employees (gardener, housekeeper, two night/weekend guards) and yes, two dogs.  The car and furniture we will be buying as well.  The current US physician who lives here will be going back to the states in a month, so we also have a housemate, who has been awesome to welcome us, show us around and make us feel at home.  The house is fairly typical for   this part of the world–cinder block, metal roof, rebar on all the windows-but with nice wood floors (Malawi has some nice woods).  The best part is the beautiful yard which demonstrates the care of the gardener.    There is even an avocado tree, as well as several other fruit trees which we will have to learn about.

The beauty and wonder over the past week as we were in transit to Malawi has been in:  1) experiencing the way God has gone before us in so many details of travel and our new location,  2)  the hospitality of warm human hearts in a world that is so often callus and cold,  3) seeing the different variety of trees, flora and fauna of other parts of the world.  One unexpected highlight of detouring to the medical conference in Kenya for the four days prior to coming to Malawi was the beauty of the Brackenhurst conference center and the company of so many medical people that are working across Africa.  There is so much good going on in the world that is not seen or recognized because of a lose of perspective.  Our eyes were open to unexpected beauty and our hearts are in awe of what our Creator has done and is doing.

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3 Responses to First Impressions

  1. Wow! Glad you made it safely and are doing well. Loved sharing your new home. Post again real soon!

  2. Nelly VOS says:

    so good to hear from you and visualize where you are. can’t wait for the next post! Nelly

  3. Beth says:

    What a great reminder of what God can do once we dip our toe in the water. . .
    Thanks for the wonderful, insightful posts. Blessings to you both! Beth

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